Santa Claws Petting Zoo Pet Therapy

It’s widely known that the presence of animals has a multitude of benefits for both seniors and children. Researchers have discovered that animal-human interaction can improve a person’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive functioning. This makes the Santa Claws pet therapy programs perfect for Children's Day Cares, those in a nursing home, 
assisted living or with disabilities.
At Santa Claws Petting Zoo, we provide our mobile animal petting zoo and Pony services to nursing homes and Children's Day cares in the El Paso and Las Cruces area. 
Utilizing our animals as a form of treatment can increase the resident’s mood and lower anxiety levels. Our compassionate staff will interact with residents 
to create a truly entertaining and fun environment.
We bring approximately 20 pets to assure group participation. This includes bunnies,
chicks, a goat, little potbellied pig, Goose, Ducks, Guinea pigs, Python Snake, Bearded Dragon and a puppy. Our pets will bring both comfort and affection to the residents.
All pets are up to date on shots and 
show zero aggression towards humans and other animals.